About Us

About our logo and the state of the Greater Paradise Ridge Real Estate landscape: 

The Paradise Association of Realtors (PAOR) logo remains the same, but was morphed into the current adaptation with the reddish brown boarder, symbolizing the infamous Greater Paradise Ridge "red dirt" and we added the sloagan, "Rebuilding Together," as we are working diligently together, as a community, in the wake of the Camp Fire disaster.  We are breaking new ground in our famous "red dirt" as we work on rebuilding our great little city on the ridge.  

Dispite the devastating affects of the Camp Fire disaster, our Realtor members and our community at large, are joining forces and building an army of dedicated and determined citizens and business members and leaders to restore Our Paradise.  The real estate market  is holding, lots are selling, and rebuilding IS underway.  Paradise will be Paradise once again. It will be newer and it will be even better, while retaining the sense of "community" that we love, with the familiar feel of the Paradise Ridge.  So, come discover why we love Paradise! 

The Paradise Association of REALTORS® was chartered in 1955 by the National Association of REALTORS® and has operated continuously since that time. Originally we were called a Board of REALTORS®, but were changed to an Association in March of 1998, since it is more in keeping as to what we are and how we operate. We are a trade association for REALTORS®.  REALTORS® are kept abreast of current legal changes and updates through mailings, weekly newsletters, monthly General Membership Meetings and by contacting the National Association and State Association websites as well as keeping current on their Continuing Education through this Association and other outside vendors. REALTORS® have agreed in writing to abide by the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics. Members of the public have the option to file a Disciplinary Complaint or an Arbitration Complaint through this local Association. If you have a question about this, please contact us at (530) 762.0053.

This Association also generates and sells the Multiple Listing Service information to REALTORS® Members as well as non-REALTORS® real estate broker MLS Members.



Paradise Association of Realtors
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